Baby & Toddler’s Books

Bug Books Series:

Lucy the Ladybird
Ben the Bee
Sally the Snail
Spike the Spider

I started reading these books to Edward since he was 3 months old.
He still loves them now, at almost 2 years old.
Reading them to Oliver now!


Edward’s current favourite. Margaret sure knows how to entertain toddlers!


The Whole Series is from  Book One to Book 4.

Edward enjoys these books very much. This series consists of traditional baby ditties, finger rhymes, action rhymes and nursery songs. Good for Toddlers.


What could I say? This book was Edward’s favourite and favourite for his first year! We read it day and night! Good for babies.


Sharratt / Tucker, Oxford University Press
Edward still loves these. Good for babies & toddlers.


Disney Pixar Read-Aloud Board  Books
Edward’s 2 favourites are Cars & Ratatouille
These books are more for toddlers.


Usborne Look and Say books

Edward loved this at 13-14 months old

Edward loves this at 23 months old, after already knowing his shapes.

Disney Winnie the Pooh books

Edward loves the beautiful drawings =)


by Nord Gaydos * Illustrated by Akemi Gutierrez
He’s reading this at 23 months while Oliver is 3.5 months old


This is his NEW favourite.
I think I’m going to have to buy this book and keep it at home.
We are currently reading the Library’s one.


Cute illustrations. Few words.
Edward loves it =)

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