Bye Bye Pacifier

How our Edward stopped using his pacifier was totally unplanned.

One fine evening at AMK playground with daddy and Oliver, Edward climbed up the slide and slipped. His mouth hit with the slide. His lips bled. Poor baby.

He couldn’t eat properly for the next few days. He couldn’t use his pacifier for the next few days. Even after his lips started to heal, he was still careful with the way he put food in his mouth. He still refused to use the pacifier, for fear of feeling the pain.

It was tough on him. Really tough. He found it difficult to fall asleep. He woke up many times at night and was full-blown cranky. Because he longed for his pacifier to lull him back to sleep. It went on and on for a week or two. Finally he stopped missing his pacifier that much. He could live without it day and night.

However, the lack of pacifier had started a new problem for us. He will wake up in the middle of the night and fuss. Make noises. Refuse to lie back down. It went on into the 3rd and 4th week since his lip accident. Now it’s gone, almost.

The only problem left now is that he will wake up and look for daddy. If daddy is not in the room, he will get up and out of the bedroom. Daddy wakes at 5:30am every morning to go to work. Edward will wake too, if he wakes up and finds daddy missing from the bed. *sigh*… I wonder when this problem will fade away.

But I’m glad he’s not hooked on his pacifier anymore. He’s fine with seeing Oliver using it. It doesn’t ย bother him one bit (at least that’s how i see it).

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Lately I have had a heavy feeling in my heart. Tonight, it’s too heavy I can’t sleep.

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Who says Playgrounds have to be colourful?

We had a public holiday last Tuesday. We brought the boys out to Singapore Discovery Centre and the Singapore Army Museum (which was just next door). The boys did not really enjoy the dimly lit interior of the Discovery Centre, Edward was particularly scared. It was a bad idea to have brought them there. They are too young. But once we headed outside, we discovered a fighter jet! That’s when their fun started. Here are some pictures of the day:

This is probably the only section inside Singapore Discovery Centre that the boys enjoyed. The “screen” had movement sensors and so they could play with the virtual balls and “kick” it, step on popping up cartoon beavers, etc.



Great treat for the boys to see a real-life fighter jet and to be so up-close!

20131015_112401 20131015_113036


Daddy and grandma had a try at “shooting” enemies at the Singapore Army Museum! Daddy shot down all the 6 targets… wow… undiscovered talent =p



Tanks, trucks and boat…

20131015_120304 20131015_120322 20131015_115052


Below is the highlight of the day =)

The boys LOVED the “playground” which was actually meant for older kids i’m sure. They liked the wobbly plank. Both boys needed daddy to hold onto them at first. But Edward soon discovered it’s more fun to walk on his own! This is Edward’s favourite section =)


This is fun too! It seems to be Oliver’s favourite segment of the playground!



Oh and of course… The boys enjoyed running up the slope only to jump off the “cliff” into daddy’s arms!




Acting sillly!






Oliver wanted “a few” more rounds of this before we headed home. He just couldn’t get enough of it! He LOVES this obstacle course.20131015_122050



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Shipwreck & The Harbour

This past weekend was rather “different” for the boys. We hadn’t planned on going. Just after a morning of grocery shopping at our usual place, we let the boys see trains at their favourite spot. Just then, we both realized the weather was really nice for a day out. It was breezy and cool even at almost 11 o’clock in the morning. We decided to head to a park we have not explored before, Sembawang Park.

It was worth the ride. The boys enjoyed themselves. We were happy to see the boys happy. But we could have gone there by train. The taxi ride took rather long. Needless to say, on the way home we took a bus and changed to a train back. It took just 30 minutes. This might be the reason why we might return to the park again soon.

Here are some photos of the new playground in the form of a shipwreck. New for us anyway =)

20131012_115842 20131012_120514

Climbing high up, a fun challenge for Edward!



Poor Oliver, he had to wait down here with mummy while Daddy was helping Edward up to the top.


20131012_121452 20131012_122004

I’m glad the playground was safe enough for my toddler too (at least some parts of the playground)

20131012_122142 20131012_123333

Edward wanted to give Oliver a push. How sweet!



We had a fun morning. The boys had a late nap that day. They were exhausted by the time we reached home. But who knows, they might have had sweet dreams of the playground during their nap ๐Ÿ˜‰

On Sunday I decided to look for new maternity wear. We headed to VivoCity. We haven’t been there in a loooooong time. Once we went out to the sky-garden, Edward said “wow, what a great day”… =) I was glad he appreciated what we had in mind for him. Luckily we decided to bring them up to the sky garden! It was their “first” time (in the past few months)… probably oliver’s very first in his memory. The highlight was to see the ferries and the cruise ship from the balcony of VivoCity’s sky garden. The very highlight was when the ferries hooted their horns… Edward and Oliver couldn’t have been more excited that day!

Overlooking Sentosa!20131013_110151

Oliver running back excitedly to tell me what he has seen ๐Ÿ™‚


Edward doing “his thing”… daddy also enjoys it…

20131013_11022120131013_11032620131013_11033620131013_111746 20131013_111559 20131013_111240 20131013_111159 20131013_110420

Great weekend!

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Hide and Seek!

They LOVE playing hide and seek now, apart from the scooter-riding.

It was started by daddy. Now it’s kind of a tradition to be playing hide and seek whenever the boys go down for their scooter rides =)

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Our Boys’ Recent Meals


Scrambled eggs and plain porridge.
The boys loved this.

20130930_072403 20130930_072418

We ran out of food in the fridge. Mummy gave 1 boy 1 hard-boiled egg and half a banana. It was enough to fill their stomach until their morning snack ๐Ÿ˜‰


Other days they had:

– smoked turkey breast & cheese sandwich
– strawberry jam sandwich


Stir-fried chicken breast with cauliflower, pumpkin, spring onions & egg.
They loved it. It goes well with white rice or plain porridge.

tip: boil the cauliflower before stir-frying, so that it gets cooked and soft faster.


Fried Macaroni with chicken breast, carrots, broccoli & egg. The boys just love macaronis =)
-boil the broccoli florets first before frying, so it gets cooked and soft faster.
– boil the macaroni before frying =)


Macaroni Soup!
– ingredients: pork, 1 sweet potato, half an apple, half an onion.
– taste: naturally sweet


Cod Fish & Tomato Egg
– Fry tomato with garlic until soft, add in egg and stir. Set aside.
– Fry the cod-fish. Remove any bones.
– Pour the sauce over the fish. Goes well with white rice or plain porridge.


Grilled Grey Mullet
– grilling takes the least time. this kind of dish is suitable when you feel you don’t have things under control but you still need to feed your kids something!
– cut up cherry tomatoes for them to go with the fish and rice.
– my elder son doesn’t like tomatoes, so I cut up oranges for him instead.


Pork Noodle (with carrots, pumpkin & onion)
tip: onion also provides the sweetness you need in soup.


Fried Chinese Pomfret + eggplant & chinese cabbage
I really ran out of food in the fridge, and this was what we had in hand. Not so popular with the boys though … oops!



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daddy-fun & the weekend

When the kids are with daddy, they have the type of fun they don’t experience with mummy…

IMG-20130927-WA0009 IMG-20130927-WA0008 IMG-20130927-WA0004 IMG-20130927-WA0000

Scooter time with daddy and the great shots he can capture!



Snail-viewing and the excitement!



And the boys had fun at Bishan Park & NEX Shopping Mall water playground during the weekend.




That’s all folks!

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