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11-month-old Oliver

Oliver is officially walking! (although he still falls on his bottom, we can say he is walking because he just walks and walks to perfect his steps) We recently had an early birthday celebration for his daddy and Oliver Was … Continue reading

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Splish Splash goes the title

After being a mother for 2 years and 7 months, this morning was the first (and I hope the last) time I encountered poo poo in the bathtub! My dear Oliver, you had no idea what the colour of your … Continue reading

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The case of the crying sick baby

Image from http://parenting.thewomanlife.info/ Our dear Oliver just developed high fever yesterday evening. It peaked 39.2 degrees Celsius at 5:30 A.M. this morning. Brought him to a GP and he saw that Oliver’s throat was red. But as evening came, his … Continue reading

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Splendid Saturday

The boys woke up at 6 A.M. We decided to spend our morning at East Coast Park. Managed to be on the taxi by 7:40 A.M. It turned out to be the BEST day at East Coast Park EVER! The … Continue reading

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6 month old Oliver

Bye bye swaddle 🙂 He can now fall asleep on the bed instead of on the breast. Loves to reach out to touch things. Door knobs, sofa, drinking glass, etc. His eyes follow whatever we put in our mouth. Probably … Continue reading

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First bump… And more to come.

I didn’t expect Oliver to get his first bump (on the head) so soon! He is just 5 days shy of his 6th month birthday and he has already bumped his forehead on the living room floor 😦 it happened … Continue reading

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Fridays’ Photo Time! – Still in Vientiane

  Edward’s reaction to Oliver’s pull 🙂 Edward with his aunt Nina Lunch This is what happens when there is no electricity on a HOT and HUMID day… Smiley Oliver 🙂 Breakfast Out with grandparents… pictured here with grandma Satisfaction … Continue reading

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