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a Day in The Life

It was morning (or dawn?). Heard Oliver making noise and noticed daddy swaddling him… mummy dozed off again. Woke up rather fresh, with Edward stirring by my side, to the right. Daddy had gone to work. It was 7:10 A.M. … Continue reading

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“Oliver, mummy…

“Oliver, mummy’s here…” that’s what edward said to his little brother when Oliver was crying! so sweeeeeet !

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some play-time ideas for a toddler & a 3 month-old

You are the only adult at home. You have a toddler who is bored and needs your attention. You have a baby who can’t do anything but lie on his back and stare at the ceiling. Something fun has to … Continue reading

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more Books!

I’m a new big brother – Nord Gaydos, illustrated by Akemi Gutierrez Edward LOVES this new book we got him from the library. I’ve borrowed a few books about siblings for him but he didn’t like them. I was quite … Continue reading

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Fridays’ Photo Time – fun @ Botanic Garden

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Oliver, it’s okay…

Oliver, it’s okay … I don’t exactly remember what happened. But I know Oliver was crying and Edward just went to him and bent down to Oliver’s level and said in a very cute and loving tone “Oliver, it’s okay…” … Continue reading

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Frustrated mother of TWO!

There is at least one moment a day that my heart would beat faster, I get tensed up and feel like screaming to the top of my lungs out of pure frustration! That is how it’s like sometimes, staying at … Continue reading

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