Shipwreck & The Harbour

This past weekend was rather “different” for the boys. We hadn’t planned on going. Just after a morning of grocery shopping at our usual place, we let the boys see trains at their favourite spot. Just then, we both realized the weather was really nice for a day out. It was breezy and cool even at almost 11 o’clock in the morning. We decided to head to a park we have not explored before, Sembawang Park.

It was worth the ride. The boys enjoyed themselves. We were happy to see the boys happy. But we could have gone there by train. The taxi ride took rather long. Needless to say, on the way home we took a bus and changed to a train back. It took just 30 minutes. This might be the reason why we might return to the park again soon.

Here are some photos of the new playground in the form of a shipwreck. New for us anyway =)

20131012_115842 20131012_120514

Climbing high up, a fun challenge for Edward!



Poor Oliver, he had to wait down here with mummy while Daddy was helping Edward up to the top.


20131012_121452 20131012_122004

I’m glad the playground was safe enough for my toddler too (at least some parts of the playground)

20131012_122142 20131012_123333

Edward wanted to give Oliver a push. How sweet!



We had a fun morning. The boys had a late nap that day. They were exhausted by the time we reached home. But who knows, they might have had sweet dreams of the playground during their nap 😉

On Sunday I decided to look for new maternity wear. We headed to VivoCity. We haven’t been there in a loooooong time. Once we went out to the sky-garden, Edward said “wow, what a great day”… =) I was glad he appreciated what we had in mind for him. Luckily we decided to bring them up to the sky garden! It was their “first” time (in the past few months)… probably oliver’s very first in his memory. The highlight was to see the ferries and the cruise ship from the balcony of VivoCity’s sky garden. The very highlight was when the ferries hooted their horns… Edward and Oliver couldn’t have been more excited that day!

Overlooking Sentosa!20131013_110151

Oliver running back excitedly to tell me what he has seen 🙂


Edward doing “his thing”… daddy also enjoys it…

20131013_11022120131013_11032620131013_11033620131013_111746 20131013_111559 20131013_111240 20131013_111159 20131013_110420

Great weekend!

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