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Our Boys’ Recent Meals

Breakfast Scrambled eggs and plain porridge. The boys loved this. We ran out of food in the fridge. Mummy gave 1 boy 1 hard-boiled egg and half a banana. It was enough to fill their stomach until their morning snack … Continue reading

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Splish Splash goes the title

After being a mother for 2 years and 7 months, this morning was the first (and I hope the last) time I encountered poo poo in the bathtub! My dear Oliver, you had no idea what the colour of your … Continue reading

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The cycle

Every now and then,amidst the chaos , the sleepless mornings and afternoons for Oliver, the boring times for Edward in which mummy has to attend to his younger brother, I get a break in the afternoon when the boys are … Continue reading

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My 5 mth old and 2 yrs old LOVE each other!

Although I have noticed Oliver getting excited every time he sees Edward nearby, I haven’t really thought about him knowing how to play with Edward just yet. But this afternoon I realized that my Oliver is capable of playing with … Continue reading

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Giving command…

Oliver: *smiling and laughing at Edward while doing tummy-time* Edward: Oliver, don’t smile! *frowning* Edward: No! Don’t Smile! Oliver: *????*

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a Day in The Life

It was morning (or dawn?). Heard Oliver making noise and noticed daddy swaddling him… mummy dozed off again. Woke up rather fresh, with Edward stirring by my side, to the right. Daddy had gone to work. It was 7:10 A.M. … Continue reading

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random thought …

it can depressing at times, staying at home with 2 young children. As in really “stay at home” because I’m stuck. Can’t go anywhere. Public transport is just too troublesome with 2 children. Dealing with 2 children of differing needs. … Continue reading

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