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Praise, Do it Right.

“Emphasizing effort gives a child a variable they can control … Emphasizing natural intelligence takes it out of the child’s control” – Dr Carol Dweck Don’t tell your child he is smart. Instead, praise him for his effort. Be specific … Continue reading

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Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Zzzz

Let’s talk about sleep. Baby’s sleep. Toddler’s sleep. Wait a minute, is Edward a toddler still? Or already considered as a preschooler? Anyways… Ok, let’s talk about how Edward is doing now. Edward has just turned 2 last month. We … Continue reading

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Special day

Two noteworthy things happened today. For Edward, it was his first sighting of a real spider web! The kind that goes round and round with the spider in the middle. And yep, the spider was there eating its prey. We … Continue reading

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Giving command…

Oliver: *smiling and laughing at Edward while doing tummy-time* Edward: Oliver, don’t smile! *frowning* Edward: No! Don’t Smile! Oliver: *????*

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Edward’s new favourite lines.

He will go on and on talking to himself: “I think crocodile, I think tiger..” so there’shno doubt he is mastering the phrase “I think…” and it’s meaning :). He surprised me when I pointed out that it was a … Continue reading

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Fridays’ Photo Time!

one day late!

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some play-time ideas for a toddler & a 3 month-old

You are the only adult at home. You have a toddler who is bored and needs your attention. You have a baby who can’t do anything but lie on his back and stare at the ceiling. Something fun has to … Continue reading

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