Who says Playgrounds have to be colourful?

We had a public holiday last Tuesday. We brought the boys out to Singapore Discovery Centre and the Singapore Army Museum (which was just next door). The boys did not really enjoy the dimly lit interior of the Discovery Centre, Edward was particularly scared. It was a bad idea to have brought them there. They are too young. But once we headed outside, we discovered a fighter jet! That’s when their fun started. Here are some pictures of the day:

This is probably the only section inside Singapore Discovery Centre that the boys enjoyed. The “screen” had movement sensors and so they could play with the virtual balls and “kick” it, step on popping up cartoon beavers, etc.



Great treat for the boys to see a real-life fighter jet and to be so up-close!

20131015_112401 20131015_113036


Daddy and grandma had a try at “shooting” enemies at the Singapore Army Museum! Daddy shot down all the 6 targets… wow… undiscovered talent =p



Tanks, trucks and boat…

20131015_120304 20131015_120322 20131015_115052


Below is the highlight of the day =)

The boys LOVED the “playground” which was actually meant for older kids i’m sure. They liked the wobbly plank. Both boys needed daddy to hold onto them at first. But Edward soon discovered it’s more fun to walk on his own! This is Edward’s favourite section =)


This is fun too! It seems to be Oliver’s favourite segment of the playground!



Oh and of course… The boys enjoyed running up the slope only to jump off the “cliff” into daddy’s arms!




Acting sillly!






Oliver wanted “a few” more rounds of this before we headed home. He just couldn’t get enough of it! He LOVES this obstacle course.20131015_122050



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