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Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Zzzz

Let’s talk about sleep. Baby’s sleep. Toddler’s sleep. Wait a minute, is Edward a toddler still? Or already considered as a preschooler? Anyways… Ok, let’s talk about how Edward is doing now. Edward has just turned 2 last month. We … Continue reading

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a Day in The Life

It was morning (or dawn?). Heard Oliver making noise and noticed daddy swaddling him… mummy dozed off again. Woke up rather fresh, with Edward stirring by my side, to the right. Daddy had gone to work. It was 7:10 A.M. … Continue reading

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4 month old Oliver

He would make noise / whine when we put him down while he is still happy being carried looking around. Getting smarter and more demanding! 🙂 Can touch baby gym hanging toys. Trying to grab toys and put to his … Continue reading

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Roll over!

Oliver was able to roll from his back to his tummy by himself the day before yesterday! that’s … 3 days before his 4-month birthday 🙂 and he has been rolling up ever since! he is just so persistent (i … Continue reading

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some play-time ideas for a toddler & a 3 month-old

You are the only adult at home. You have a toddler who is bored and needs your attention. You have a baby who can’t do anything but lie on his back and stare at the ceiling. Something fun has to … Continue reading

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Edward & Oliver’s first Easter Egg Hunt!

We had our first easter egg hunt today! Aunt Saysamone invited us to her place! It was a very very nice place. They had at least 3 swimming pools! The breeze was fantastic (coz it’s near East Coast). The sun … Continue reading

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2 more “Baby’s Books” to add to Edward’s list of favourites!

Usborne Look & Say Books. They are the BEST! Edward LOVED this book when he was around 13 months. We borrowed it from the library. Had to renew it twice so that we could keep it at home longer. This … Continue reading

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