We Had a Good Morning!

Today I didn’t wake up cranky because when I brought Edward out, Oliver was still asleep. I started the day with Edward doing some alphabet tracing activities and join the dots activities. He stuck to it till Oliver woke up (which was about 30 minutes after we started).

Gave them each a morning wash. Gave myself a quick wash too. Plopped 2 slices of bread into the toaster for Edward and myself. Prepared smoked turkey breast sandwich with cheese for the boys. We had our breakfast. We left home.

I gave Edward the choice of riding on the scooter downstairs or going to the sand playground. At first he chose the scooter. Then he said “it’s not sunny, let’s go to the playground”. So off we went.

Here are some pictures of their fun time. I had a good time too. It was a perfect morning. We were early. Earlier than most days.

20130924_084457 20130924_084856 20130924_085446 20130924_085559 20130924_085815 20130924_085827 20130924_090353 20130924_091904


And then the water-break and headed home.



Before their lunch and afternoon nap, i let the boys have a little creativity time šŸ™‚ They got to paint their train-track bridge!

20130924_101417 20130924_101548


They had a long nap. Daddy had some fun time with them in the bedroom when they woke up. They had yoghurt and grapes for snacks. They ran around chasing each other in the living room. Daddy brought them down to walk along the roadside. They saw BIG snails and were very excited about it.

Now they’re off to the supermarket to get Oliver’s nappy and some fruits. I’m pretty sure they’ll stop by at the playground.

Great day for everyone today šŸ™‚

I’m happy!

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We Think They Had FUN!

Here is a recap of some of the activities we have been doing with the boys for the past few weeks…

Join-the-dots & alphabet tracing, for our 3-year-old


Painting with LEGO & toilet paper roll

20130905_185808Ā 20130905_185825

Visit to the park


Tea Party



Play dough



Random colourful play / dropping-into-container play



Tent turned into an aerial ball pool



Real-life puzzle


Cute Balloon Creatures

IMG_20130910_102722 IMG_20130910_102748


IKEA toy



Funny faces



there are funnier faces but i wish to keep that private =p

That’s all folks!


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Separation Anxiety

My almost 21-month-old still cries when I leave for work. Specifically today. After having been working for 1.5 months.

It happened after dinner (my break). Daddy left for tuition. Mummy was about to finish up her plate. Daddy said bye bye to the boys… Oliver said “no!”. He then came to lean against my chair and said “mee…meee”. I suppose he was telling himself that Daddy is going, but it’s okay, mummy will be here.

I told him I will need to leave for work soon too. He hung on to my leg as I got up to wash my hands and mouth. Gave him a kiss and he started to cry. I left the house and waited for the lift down. He stood there crying behind the baby-gate installed at the front door of our unit. It was such a heart-breaking scene.

He needed at least a mummy or daddy with him. It was going to be his bedtime soon. What’s wrong with having a mummy or daddy for bedtime, right? I know baby… I know… It’s just that mummy has to work to keep this place. And daddy has to give tuition 2 evenings of the week. Sorry baby….

But we’ve been very proud that you have been fine most of the days!

Days like this just happen once in a while. You’re still small. Naturally you need mummy or daddy with you when you feel down… but we still had to leave you with your grandmother and Edward… šŸ˜¦

Edward is a brave boy now. He doesn’t cry when mummy or daddy leaves for work. He even tells Oliver everything will be okay. That mummy and daddy will be back. We’re so proud of him.

I hope the boys will get used to it soon. It’s twice a week that they have to go to bed with their grandmother…

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Update on our Lives


Size: We are now a family of 4 + 1 !

Numbers: Edward is 3 years 4 months old, Oliver is almost 21 months old & little baby is 19 weeks in the womb!

Boys’ Favourite Activity: Riding Scooter!

The place we like to go as a family: Ang Mo Kio Garden West Playground (with sand!). We go there at least once a week! It’s just a 7-minute walk away.

The boys’ New found Joy: Sitting for a long stretch playing with sand, sand toys & hiding and digging for treasures in the sand (i.e. seashell toy for Edward & seahorse toy for Oliver)

Daily home-toy: IKEA train tracks

Nap-time: Boys usually nap at 11:30 A.M. and wake up anytime between 1.5 – 2.5 hours after that.Ā 

Routine: Daddy leaves for work at 6 A.M., kids stay with grandma and mummy till mummy leaves for work at 12 noon. Daddy returns from work and reaches home around 5:30 P.M., Mummy takes her 30-minutes break during dinner and kisses boys goodnight before coming back to work till 9 P.M. Daddy put the boys to bed most nights. Some evenings he gives tuition from 7:30 P.M. – 9 P.M. and grandma would be the one making the boys sleep.Ā 

Oliver tends to say “No!” to even things he meant “yes”.Ā 

Edward tends to “talk like a baby” (unclear pronunciation)… perhaps he just wants to sound like his younger brother :pĀ 

Next Friday: We will (hopefully) find out whether we are going to have another boy or a girl!

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Oliver – 20 months old


My darling little boy has grown up so fast. Faster than I had hoped for. He is so good in all the running, jumping and climbing. He jumps with both feet off the ground! Most of the time he doesn’t like to hold hands while he walks. Definitely not when climbing the stairs (up nor down). He craves for independence. Good for him šŸ˜‰

At the same time he is still rather attached to mummy and daddy. He’s much closer to daddy than he was a few months ago. It’s not always mummy all the time now. Sometimes when he’s in a bad mood or upset about something he would prefer to be with daddy. Things are good šŸ™‚

He loves having Edward around. They play together. They fight (definitely). But they love each other. They try to imitate each other. They are such a perfect pair of brothers.

He learns a lot of the talking from Edward. He can string 3 words together now! But rarely. He’s comfortable with 2-words sentences now e.g. where Thao (where is Mae Thao), No! I-un drink (No! I want to drink),

He knows the colour white. This is because Edward has been pointing out white trains whenever they see one. So he knows white on other objects as well e.g. white stripes on his colourful pair of socks.

One thing about Oliver is that he tends to “shout” out every word he says. Not because of anger or excitement (although sometimes it is excitement)… but it seems like it’s his way of talking. Just a very active and excited little boy šŸ™‚

One great news is that he is about to become an elder brother! I hope he will be able to cope well when our new addition arrives end of Jan 2014… he still has a few months to enjoy as the youngest child…


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Oliver as a toddler… (14 month old)

It’s been a loooong time since my last post. I guess I have been too busy serving 2 boys!

Just wanted to make a memo here of all the things that Oliver has been doing for the past 1-2 months. He is now over 14 months old.

He understands quite a handful of words and shows that he understands them. I’m pretty sure he understands more than we know. He knows where the sky is, what birds are, buses, toys, pram, up, down, walk, etc. ..

He is starting to “talk” too. He points to something and says “there!” with a very excited high-pitched voice.

He knows stars… he will do the fist squeeze every time he talks or hears about stars.

He is rather jealous of Edward when it comes to mummy. Sometimes it’s hard for him to share mummy’s lap (that goes for Edward too by the way).

Oliver likes to point to the same thing that we are actually talking to Edward about… as if to say that he knows what’s going on too šŸ™‚

Staring to show a little interest in shape puzzles, but still in the early stage. He doesn’t quite know his shapes yet. Anyway, he’s only 14 months old!

He likes to play with Edward’s pretend-cooking toys.. pots and pans.. etc

He can play with megabloks and connect 2-3 blocks together.

Likes to talk on the “phone” with any object he can hold onto… well, any object that looks like a phone e.g. remote control, ipod, toy phone, real phone, etc

Can climb up onto the sofa by himself and get down reversed by himself!

Runs perfectly fine. LOVES to climb up and down steps/stairs…

Loves reading books… though he only has a few favourites.

Elephant is his favourite animal.

He can make consistent animals sounds for elephants, tigers, lions, chicken/hen, duck, pig, monkey!

He can point to a duck on a page all by himself and say “qua qua” … haha… he recognizes animals in books.

He is growing so fast!!!

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Edward’s First Day at Nursery 1



We were late for class! We just came back from our fun but tiring trip to Thailand on 31st Dec. The boys weren’t back to their sleeping schedule yet. And so… We woke up late on 2nd Jan!

Daddy, mummy and Oliver accompanied Edward in the classroom for about 15 mins and we hugged and kissed goodbye. Edward was so strong and tried to distract himself from whatever feeling he was going through at that moment. He didn’t allow himself to have a long goodbye with us.

He went on to play with his 2 classmates. There were only 3 of them. The other 6 will come in February because they were born after June 2010.

Ms Sarah and Wen Lao Shi look like great teachers šŸ™‚ so we are pretty happy with that.

As we left Edward and headed to the hawker centre nearby, mummy couldn’t help but miss him and worry that he might be crying and worried how he was going to cope if he was missing us. Ms Sarah said she would give us a call if our child cries until they vomit. That’s bad … But I guess they can’t always call parents if the students cry only a little bit.

Waiting from 8:30 to 10am was such a torture for me! I couldn’t wait to see the classroom door open and see how Edward is.

I was so happy once I saw him again after class. He looked pretty glad too that he saw us picking him up (and not abandoning him). The teacher said he did not cry one bit.

What a relief!

Mummy and daddy are SO proud of Edward! We know he miss us but we know how hard he tries to enjoy the class while coping with being away from us. So so proud of him.

Second day was find too šŸ™‚ no crying.

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