Our Boys’ Recent Meals


Scrambled eggs and plain porridge.
The boys loved this.

20130930_072403 20130930_072418

We ran out of food in the fridge. Mummy gave 1 boy 1 hard-boiled egg and half a banana. It was enough to fill their stomach until their morning snack 😉


Other days they had:

– smoked turkey breast & cheese sandwich
– strawberry jam sandwich


Stir-fried chicken breast with cauliflower, pumpkin, spring onions & egg.
They loved it. It goes well with white rice or plain porridge.

tip: boil the cauliflower before stir-frying, so that it gets cooked and soft faster.


Fried Macaroni with chicken breast, carrots, broccoli & egg. The boys just love macaronis =)
-boil the broccoli florets first before frying, so it gets cooked and soft faster.
– boil the macaroni before frying =)


Macaroni Soup!
– ingredients: pork, 1 sweet potato, half an apple, half an onion.
– taste: naturally sweet


Cod Fish & Tomato Egg
– Fry tomato with garlic until soft, add in egg and stir. Set aside.
– Fry the cod-fish. Remove any bones.
– Pour the sauce over the fish. Goes well with white rice or plain porridge.


Grilled Grey Mullet
– grilling takes the least time. this kind of dish is suitable when you feel you don’t have things under control but you still need to feed your kids something!
– cut up cherry tomatoes for them to go with the fish and rice.
– my elder son doesn’t like tomatoes, so I cut up oranges for him instead.


Pork Noodle (with carrots, pumpkin & onion)
tip: onion also provides the sweetness you need in soup.


Fried Chinese Pomfret + eggplant & chinese cabbage
I really ran out of food in the fridge, and this was what we had in hand. Not so popular with the boys though … oops!



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Lili is a wife and a mum to 3 boys. Follow her parenting journey at www.happywehappyfamily.com where she writes about family happiness and how to stay connected to our spouse and kids. Additionally, she's passionate in helping kids achieve financial literacy at www.investorkiddo.com
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