Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review


The features of this double stroller can be found at

We have been using it for a week now and we are liking it as much as when we first found out about it online. We were only disappointed in the colour that we received because we actually ordered the red one but they delivered the black one instead. Really heart broken! Imagine you were so excited waiting for its arrival and hoping to see what you expected and the moment your husband pulls out the stroller from its box, it was black! argh! still cant get over it. However, we did not order directly from Britax, but through an agent in Singapore.

The points that make us smile whenever we use the double stroller:

– it is super super easy to push and maneuver. It may be big, but the size does not affect the ease of movement at all. The wheels are just so good.

– the boys love their new seats. Previously Edward (our 2.5 year-old) would NOT try out any other stroller and insisted he sit on his Maclaren Quest (denim). But once this Britax was delivered to us, he didn’t even want to get back to his Maclaren. I wonder why.

– the 2 compartment bags at the back of the seats provide more than enough space for us to store whatever we need. Thus, we no longer need to bring a “diaper bag” and it’s other contents. They just fit in the stroller compartments.

– the Canopies have a 3-level adjustment, suiting the need to block out the sun from different angles. Superb coverage.

– the seat belts are easy to buckle and unbuckle.

– the height adjustment mechanism for the shoulder harness couldn’t have been simpler.

The points that could actually be improved on:

– the seat is a bit too wide and unsuitable for our 10 month old baby. Perhaps they have accessories for smaller babies? I am not sure. But at the moment we have to put a thick layer of comforter on the seat to support our baby’s back, otherwise he would be slouched and slanted to one side.

– I need to use 2 hands to fold the stroller. It would be great if only 1 hand was needed as I need to carry my 10 month old when I fold it when I get into the taxi.

– when folded, the seats are on the outside, therefore touching the surface of the taxi boot. There is a high chance of the stroller getting dirty very very fast. There shouldn’t be any problem for those of you who have your own car.

– the drink tray is too far away from the seat and too high up, blocking my 10-month-old’s view.

Other than that, we are still very satisfied with this double stroller. No regrets buying it. It is probably the best we could get within our budget.

This YouTube review is quite comprehensive, do check it out:


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  1. says:

    Which distribtUtor did u ordered from n how much is it. Can share with me

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