2 years and 4 months old Edward

He can count backwards from 10 to 1. Didn’t know until daddy and Edward decided to show off to mummy.

Loves jumping down from a higher step.

He is learning how to spell 2-3 letter words. Not exactly learning but just exposing him to a few common nouns.

the song BINGO (the dog) helps a lot in helping him remember how to spell. He can now spell Edward, Oliver, Mummy and Daddy! the song helps A LOT.

LOVES reading, he would sit forever on my lap / daddy’s lap and read one book to another to another.. and come back to his favourite book. He needs his pillow on his lap whenever he sit down together with a book 🙂

Loves the trampoline and SkyGym in general.



About Lili

Lili is a wife and a mum to 3 boys. Follow her parenting journey at www.happywehappyfamily.com where she writes about family happiness and how to stay connected to our spouse and kids. Additionally, she's passionate in helping kids achieve financial literacy at www.investorkiddo.com
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