What constitutes being a good parent? [part 5] – Write a Will

We often believe that we will be there for our children through their adulthood. Most of us take it for granted that we will be at their first day of school, graduation, first job, marriage, first baby, etc.

We seldom plan for the unexpected. We tend to avoid thinking about the possibility that our young children might one day lose both parents at the same time. Possibility is low, but not zero probability.

Thus, a good parent should, to the best of their ability, plan the future of their children in the case of them not being here to do it themselves. A good parent should write a will. One particular part of the will that I feel must be included is The Appointment of Guardians for your children under 18 years of age.

– list the name of the person you wish to care for your child should you pass away. List the other parent as the first person and a back up person who would care for your child or children if both of the parents are no longer able to. Most times, this is a close family member or friend that you feel will give your child a good home.

– you will also need to make sure you have set aside enough money to properly care for your child. The money will be used for the daily expenses needed to raise your child.

– It is also good to list the age at which you feel your child should take responsibility for any money left from what was set aside for them

At least our children will know that we have their interest at heart. That we did not leave them to fend for themselves or let their fate rest with whoever wins child custody (which is decided by the court, not by family). They will know that we cared enough to place them in the hands and hearts that we trust.

My husband and I have yet to write a will. We are bad bad parents! Let’s hope nothing happens to both of us before we write one!

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About Lili

Lili is a wife and a mum to 3 boys. Follow her parenting journey at www.happywehappyfamily.com where she writes about family happiness and how to stay connected to our spouse and kids. Additionally, she's passionate in helping kids achieve financial literacy at www.investorkiddo.com
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