First bump… And more to come.

I didn’t expect Oliver to get his first bump (on the head) so soon! He is just 5 days shy of his 6th month birthday and he has already bumped his forehead on the living room floor 😦

it happened when mummy was talking to grandpa and Oliver was on your tummy on the mattress which was on the floor. Mummy was next to you. But you suddenly pushed yourself forward and your forehead bumped the floor tile. Mummy quickly picked you up but you didn’t cry. Wonder if it had hurt at all.

This is just the first of many to come. It’s not that mummy wants you to get hurt. But learning from experience with Edward, there is only so much we can do to prevent bumps and bruises. It’s part of growing up. We just hope you won’t get too many of them 🙂


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Lili is a wife and a mum to 3 boys. Follow her parenting journey at where she writes about family happiness and how to stay connected to our spouse and kids. Additionally, she's passionate in helping kids achieve financial literacy at
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