Day 5 without daddy

It has only been 5 days and it seems like we have been apart for much longer.

Oliver enjoys being chased after while on someone’s shoulder. He would laugh and giggle so adorably! Happy to see him enjoy himself as such 🙂

Edward is in the phrase of ordering others to do stuff.  I guess it’s the grasp of new words and their usage plus age-related development that allows this bossiness 🙂

Oliver did not cry in the bath today! He was still nervous of course. Held onto the tub. Not relaxed feel. But he did not break into tears. Well done Oliver!

Edward preferred to go straight to bed with his bottle than having a bath first. He is scared of the water spray  during the hair wash. I don’t know how to make him look up and remain that way till his hair is rinsed 😦 poor baby. Every bath time is a struggle. He is genuinely scared of the water running down his face.

Some nights Oliver would sleep first and I could accompany Edward to bed. But some nights like today, Edward would fall asleep while I am still helping Oliver to sleep. I pity Edward 😦 because I know he would love to have me for himself at bedtime but has to see me attend to Oliver instead. And he is such a good boy, he wouldn’t fuss. But on days that he doesn’t feel 100%, he would protest if I attend to Oliver instead of him, during bedtime.

If both boys wake together in the middle of the night, Edward would protest BIG TIME when I attend to Oliver. Poor baby.

Edward would cry at least 4 times a day nowadays. Cry from a bump, fall, tantrums, whiny, etc.

Oliver knows how to “protest” or appear upset when being put down onto the mattress. 


About Lili

Lili is a wife and a mum to 3 boys. An aspiring writer. Adores creativity, art and beautiful creations. Dog lover. Gentle-parenting follower. Follow her parenting journey at where she writes about family happiness and how to stay connected to our spouse and kids.
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