11 P.M.

That’s the time Edward settled back to sleep tonight.

Grandma is in another province for work. Grandpa is in Bangkok for his doctor’s appointment. Nina was studying for a major scholarship screening test tomorrow. Daddy is in phnom penh, en route back to Singapore.

Just as I was hanging my last piece of clothe and hoping To lie down and get some rest (before 10pm), both babies’ cries rocked the infant monitor. Uh oh.

Both cried for a full 15 minutes. I didn’t know how to deal with it. Poor Oliver was on his tummy, crying for help. Edward was crying looking for his pacifier. Both cried more when they hear the other cry. And so the cycle went.

Poor Edward felt bad and upset when I picked Oliver up. He cried even louder. And so did Oliver on hearing the louder cry. Edward obviously wanted me to carry him. Oliver obviously wanted to nurse back to sleep.

I decided to put Oliver down and carried Edward. He didn’t stop. Clueless mummy. Picked Oliver up again. Can’t exactly remember what happened next. Yes, I was probably too numb to even know what I was doing.

Oliver calmed down. Not sure how Edward was. Once I put Oliver down and carried Edward, things started to get better. I told Edward I knew he was upset and wanted mummy to put Oliver down and carry Edward instead. Kept talking along that line and he finally stopped crying. Was entertaining Oliver at the same time. But he looked like he was going to start crying again so I distracted Edward with a book. Asked him if he wanted to read any book and he went to pick one. After 2 minutes, I picked Oliver up to nurse, and read for Edward at the same time.

Obviously Oliver couldn’t fall asleep while I read. Managed to make Edward go for his pillow. Edward insisted the ceiling light be on. I put Oliver down and nursed again countless times but he couldn’t settle because of the bright light. In the end had to carry Oliver for so long until he was in deep sleep and put him down. Meanwhile Edward was playing with the infant monitor.

Accompanied Edward to sleep. I lay down beside him. He took SO LONG to fall asleep. He was trying, but he couldn’t sleep. In the end he fell asleep at 11pm. Poor baby.

I was lucky Edward  was trying his best to sleep and not insisting to go downstairs!

And it’s now 11:25pm. No time to enjoy myself but have to close my eyes and sleep and prepare myself for night time wakings (both babies) and early wakings (Edward) and another LONG day.


About Lili

Lili is a wife and a mum to 3 boys. An aspiring writer. Adores creativity, art and beautiful creations. Dog lover. Gentle-parenting follower. Follow her parenting journey at www.happywehappyfamily.com where she writes about family happiness and how to stay connected to our spouse and kids.
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