Edward’s new favourite lines.

He will go on and on talking to himself: “I think crocodile, I think tiger..” so there’shno doubt he is mastering the phrase “I think…” and it’s meaning :). He surprised me when I pointed out that it was a picture of a tiger and he replied “I think cat”! And I responded “I think it’s a tiger” and he goes “I think cat!” hehe . He actually shows he’s thinking by narrowing his eyebrows and his eyes looking upwards, showing something going on in his mind!

Another favourite phrase for this week is … “hm… What’s that…” when he can’t remember the word he wanted to say or when he just needs to recall something.

It just seems like such a huge thing for a 2-year-old (almost) to ‘think’!

He will say these lines to me as well as when he’s ‘on the phone’


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