some play-time ideas for a toddler & a 3 month-old

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You are the only adult at home.
You have a toddler who is bored and needs your attention.
You have a baby who can’t do anything but lie on his back and stare at the ceiling.
Something fun has to happen otherwise you will go crazy.

That’s me most times of the day. But I have recollected a few things to share with all of you on how to play with both of them at the same time. Not many ideas here. But I hope my list will grow as Oliver grows =)

1. He’s following you! (with his eyes)
Edward found out this fun game with Oliver by accident. While Oliver was lying on the floor of the living room, Edward walked around his head and Oliver followed him from left to right while looking at Edward the whole time. Edward felt important when Oliver was following him. So he kept going back and forth between sides. He enjoyed it so much, he kept laughing.

The big brother is entertained. The small brother gets to practice his eyes and neck movement and enjoying too!

This game has now changed from Oliver being in a lying down position to being a sitting position with mummy holding him up. It gives Oliver a better view now =) both still enjoy.

2. Read!
Edward would often run to me with a book enthusiastically. Sometimes he would do so when I’m playing with Oliver. I don’t usually turn him down. Sometimes I will tell Edward to lie down next to Oliver. I lie down too. I hold the book up and read to both boys.

Edward doesn’t seem to mind that I’m reading to both of them and not just to him. I believe he loves Oliver. He doesn’t usually feel that he has to kick Oliver out of any of his activities with me. He is such a generous brother. Oliver isn’t bored at all. He LOVES looking at the colourful illustrations on the book. He gets so excited every time we read a book to him; kicking and punching throughout!

3. Kiss Kiss Kiss!
No other ideas? I would just tell Edward to give Oliver a kiss. I will say ‘kiss Oliver’s nose’, ‘kiss Oliver’s cheek’ etc and both are entertained for a while =)

4. Sit next to each other
Whenever I sit on the floor and hold Oliver sitting on the sofa, Edward would climb up to sit next to Oliver. He just loves any activity or chance to play with Oliver. Edward loves the seating arrangement, Oliver is entertained by having someone moving in front of him! (He likes to look at moving objects now)

5. Tummy Time!
EVERY TIME I put Oliver on his tummy, Edward would be on HIS tummy and give Oliver encouragement. This gives both boys something to do, and they are communicating =)


I’m sure they are going to have more games together as both grow. Will give another update when I have more ideas to share!

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3 Responses to some play-time ideas for a toddler & a 3 month-old

  1. This is really cute. I especially love picturing all three of you lying on the floor looking at the book.

  2. if Edward is an entertainer/show off (as most toddlers can be at home), see if he’ll dance to music or sing a made up silly song for Oliver. when you feel like getting some exercise you can also gently dance with Oliver and tell Edward it’s a dance party. if he likes to draw, he can trace Oliver on a big piece of paper (with a crayon or something non-pokeable and non-staining), and then color it in however he wants…

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