23 month old Edward

Likes to spread his legs out and walk over objects such that it’s in the middle between his feet.

Enjoys saying NO! but have also learnt to say YES at the right time!

Prefers water colour painting to crayon drawing. Can spend almost half an hour alone painting (or more like playing with the colours and water). He likes finger printing art too.

Can go down one or two steps without holding onto support.

This month I have noticed that Edward is growing up fast, especially so in terms of talking, thinking and deducing. Speech development is accelerating this past month.

He can survive on eggs alone. seriously. he hasn’t been eating well lately, just noodles and eggs! oh and what he calls “prata” or wrap of any kind.

have i mentioned that his favourite colour was green? Well, it seems Pink is catching up in rank this month! He likes to draw with pink crayons, paint with pink paint, etc. Thinking of getting him a pink shirt 😉

Tigger is his bestfriend! The medium-sized tigger (yes we have the small and big ones too)… he used to like it once when he was a baby but now he LOVES it. He has to hold Tigger with him when he gets out the door. It’s becoming full of his saliva too as he sometimes bites Tigger when he would otherwise have sucked on the pacifier.

Can swim alone with the float-jacket. he ENJOYS swimming. It’s probably one of his favourite activities.

He likes to tell daddy to “go away” and will stretch out his arm and push “the air” with his hand whenever he doesn’t want to be carried i.e. when daddy tells him it’s time to go home.

Starting to talk to people (after being afraid of people last month), but not to everybody though.

LOVES to run around in the library. Push the small colourful chairs around (pink ones, especially).

Sings a lot. Getting better at pronouncing words of Twinkle Twinkle and ABCs. He LOVES “the witch doctor” song, especially the chorus part.

Apart from Eggs, he likes pork skin. The cooked-until-very-soft type.

Fruits that he eats for the moment are STRAWBERRIES, WATERMELON, CHERRIES, grapes, apples and pear. Capitalized letters are his favourites. Well, in fact he LOVES all of the mentioned.

Weighs 12.7kg and stands at 85cm, last measured about 2-3 weeks ago.


About Lili

Lili is a wife and a mum to 3 boys. An aspiring writer. Adores creativity, art and beautiful creations. Dog lover. Gentle-parenting follower. Follow her parenting journey at www.happywehappyfamily.com where she writes about family happiness and how to stay connected to our spouse and kids.
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2 Responses to 23 month old Edward

  1. My son is 23 months old as well. The telling people to move and waving his arm at them happens a lot over here too. As well as the saying “no!” And painting has taken over coloring here as well.

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