Mondays’ “How was the weekend?” – library (again!) & Thai food!

Well, Saturday morning, off we went for breakfast at the mall and headed straight to the library. It was a wonderful saturday morning for the 4 of us, up until the moment to go home. Edward hadn’t had enough and was crying when we had to force him into his pram. Poor baby =(, next time we’ll have to give him advance notice every 2 minutes for 5-6 minutes before the departure.

I felt bad. So I told him we would come back after he wakes up from his afternoon nap. And so we did, we stayed till 6pm! Everybody was happy =) The day ended with a warm note!


Sunday was a lazy day at home. Daddy had his usual schedule in the morning with Randy. In the afternoon mummy and Edward went down for a dip in the pool. It was refreshing! Missed daddy so much because he was actually feeling quite down. If he had joined us in the pool he would have felt much better. But he chose to stay upstairs with sleeping Oliver =) glad that Oliver could nap, he had a rough afternoon trying to fall asleep.

Evening we went for Thai dinner! Eesan Thai… Not bad overall. BUT Oliver was very sleepy and hungry and couldn’t make himself fall asleep. He was crying so hard… We had to pack food home.


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4 Responses to Mondays’ “How was the weekend?” – library (again!) & Thai food!

  1. Sleeping Mom says:

    Aw, don’t you hate it when you have to leave and your kiddo isn’t quite ready? I really feel for them sometimes; they’re so into a project or just want to relax or continue to stay and then we have to go. That’s great you got to go back though especially after you told him you would!

    • teamcleo says:

      yep i’m sure not only i hate it but Edward also hates it when we have to leave before he has had enough! yep i didn’t want to give him an empty promise on going back to the library after he wakes up from his nap that’s why i took him there 🙂

  2. mummybigbum says:

    Ahh we’re library lovers too! Sam could spend forever there. You’re under no obligation to do it, but I’ve tagged you in this
    I’d love to read your answers!

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