3 month old Oliver

This is a collection of how Oliver has grown from 2 to 3 months.

He is much more expressive. smile, laugh, coo, squeal

Louder 🙂

More communicative. Can follow objects well as long as it’s still in his line of vision.

Gets really excited seeing colorful stickers / toys.

Started reading session with mummy 🙂 and gets really excited seeing the colours on the books.

Starts to hold his hands together on top of his chest. Just so cute!


About Lili

Lili is a wife, mum, blogger, and aspiring author. She is a strong believer that we are IN CONTROL of the type of life we’re living, the type of person we are and the one we grow to be. Her goal is to help you become the person you want to be & have the life you deserve! Join her at www.lilisr.com
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2 Responses to 3 month old Oliver

  1. meitot says:

    Hi. Just want to say thank you for liking and following me on my blog. I’m a mom also of two. And like you, I wanted to share things mothers experiences. Although we’re not the same always, I think, sharing makes us feel at ease.
    I also used this cloth diaper with my second child. Its cheap, will help your kids potty train at an early age and lessens diaper rash. 🙂 see you!

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