Edward’s new obsession

It has probably been a month since Edward knows we are supposed to wipe after our business in the toilet and then flush.

At first we were proud to know he understands how things should be.

But now every time either one of us uses the toilet, he will demand ‘wipe-ah, wipe-ah’ and we will have to tear one piece of toilet paper for him. He will then take it and drop it into the toilet bowl and demand the contents of the toilet be flushed down. He will close the toilet seat cover and open it again…

*sigh* … It has become a must-happen routine if he finds any of us in the toilet.


Side note: Edward likes to add ” -ah” at the back of his sentence, or rather, words. No idea how it came about!


About Lili

Lili is a wife, mum, blogger, and aspiring author. She is a strong believer that we are IN CONTROL of the type of life we’re living, the type of person we are and the one we grow to be. Her goal is to help you become the person you want to be & have the life you deserve! Join her at www.lilisr.com
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